Illegal Dumping/Maintenance Residential Complaints

How to tell if you should file an Illegal Dumping or Maintenance Residential complaint:
Illegal Dumping refers to waste that is inappropriately placed in the public right-of-way (includes streets, parks, and other public property). If someone places his/her trash along side of your trash in the street, the complaint will be filed as Illegal Dumping and will be handled by the Streets Department.

Maintenance Residential refers to waste that is inappropriately placed on private property. It is handled by the Department of Licenses and Inspections.

*If you are calling Philly311 about either of these two complaints, please include as much info as possible. This can include a license plate number, a car model, or a description of an individual. It will be passed along to the Police Department. If it is not included, the waste will be dealt with by the proper department but the perpetrator will not be identified.

For more info, call 311 or visit L&I at the Municipal Services Building (1401 John F. Kennedy Boulevard 11th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19102) 

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