District Attorney of Philadelphia

Public Nuisance Task Force (PNTF)
PNTF assists Philadelphia residents and community groups combat drug and alcohol-related nuisance problems in their neighborhoods. It actively engages citizens, the police, government agencies and community groups in an effort to abate or close drug houses, weed (marijuana) stores, nuisance bars and houses of prostitution. By working together,
these public nuisances are alleviated and a community can live in peace.

To report a drug house or any other problem property or for further information, please contact PNTF by calling the 24-hour hotline at (215) 686-5858. Any caller may choose to remain anonymous.

Victim/Witness Services
The Victim/Witness Services Unit aims to advocate on behalf of all crime victims and witnesses in Philadelphia. We provide direct assistance from the time of arrest through the disposition of a case and after as needed.

Services are provided for:

  • Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse
  • Victims of Elder Abuse
  • Victims of Identity Theft
  • Victims of Juvenile Offenders and Juvenile Victims of Adult Offenders
  • Survivors and Witnesses of Homicide

If you have a question, concern or grievance, please call (215) 686-8027 or email

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